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Specific Needs tutoring differs from general special education as it is more inclusive and provides a more direct one-on-one approach. Our diverse tutoring approach is based on pairing with positives which results in a happy and secure environment in which the learner wants to learn. The bond created between the learner and the tutor (which is maintained and built upon throughout the year) also contributes to creating this type of nurturing environment. Each of our highly-skilled tutors is trained in the various protocols and techniques we make use of and we provide ongoing coaching to staff to ensure that they are well-informed and efficiently trained in the various programmes, as well as kept up-to-date with current development.

Our tutoring programmes are all based on the principles of the following methods/techniques :


RDI-Relationship Development Intervention

Building blocks of social skills, functions and emotional development and expression



A therapeutic approach which meets learners where they are and builds upon their strengths and abilities through creating a warm and interactive relationship.



A system which uses simple, yet quick and easy-to-do, developmental movements to “wake up” the brain, without causing stress and/or injury.


Integrated Learning Therapy

A neurodevelopmental eco-systemic approach.



A simple, flexible movement programme based on the natural movement of babies and toddlers.



A learner and family-orientated therapy protocol which aims to enhance and build attachment, self-esteem, trust and joyful engagement.


PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System

A communication intervention package for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and similar developmental disabilities.


TEACCH – Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communicationally-challenged LEARNER

Intervention strategies which focus on physical and visual structure, schedules, work system and task organisation. Individualised systems aim to address difficulties with communication, organisation, generalisation, concepts, sensory processing and change.



A language programme using signs and symbols to help non-verbal learners communicate.


Sensory Integration

A form of Occupational Therapy wherein special exercises are used to strengthen the learner’s sense of touch (tactile), sense of balance (vestibular) and sense of where the body and its parts are in relation to the space around them (proprioceptive).


Aba Therapy – Applied Behaviour Analysis

Includes various prompting methods, pivotal response training and discrete trial teaching and is based on positive reinforcement and prompting techniques which bring about meaningful and positive changes in behaviour.

Our professional and passionate tutors are skilled at managing a diverse spectrum of situations and circumstances, so providing parents/caregivers with the assurance that the learner is in capable hands throughout the duration of the sessions. There is a wide range of specific needs so we believe strongly that no two learners are the same and are stimulated to learn optimally in different ways. Therefore, our tutors seldom make use of just one approach but rely rather on a combination of different protocols to be able to identify which learning program that specific learner responds to the best. Educating a learner with Autism and related learning barrier can be difficult but it is most definitely not impossible. Not all learners learn in the same way, it is our mission to find methods which work in harmony with the learners’ strengths to best support their growth and learning.

Our tutoring programs are tailored to meet each learner’s individual needs across all areas of development, with a holistic view towards development. As the learner progresses, the program is adjusted to ensure optimal learning potential. We believe that communication is key and encourage continuous communication between the parents, the various intervention therapists and ourselves to ensure consistency in the learner’s progress.

We support learners develop the skills, understanding and confidence needed to reach their utmost potential and to, as far as possible, lead full and independent lives.

Our tutoring services are not only available to the Early Learning Centre’s students, but are open to any learner between the age of two to sixteen years and is suitable for any learner with specific educational needs.

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