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A little bit about us

Our professional and passionate tutors are skilled at managing a diverse spectrum of situations and circumstances, so providing parents/caregivers with the assurance that the learner is in capable hands throughout the duration of the sessions.

There is a wide range of specific needs so we believe strongly that no two learners are the same and are stimulated to learn optimally in different ways. Therefore, our tutors seldom make use of just one approach but rely rather on a combination of different protocols to be able to identify which learning program that specific learner responds to the best.

Educating a learner with Autism and related learning barrier can be difficult but it is most definitely not impossible. Not all learners learn in the same way, it is our mission to find methods which work in harmony with the learners’ strengths to best support their growth and learning.

Tailored Programme

Our tutoring programmes are tailored to meet each learner’s individual needs across all areas of development, with a holistic view towards development. As the learner progresses, the programme is adjusted to ensure optimal learning potential. We believe that communication is key and encourage continuous communication between the parents, the various intervention therapists and ourselves to ensure consistency in the learner’s progress.

We support learners develop the skills, understanding and confidence needed to reach their utmost potential and to, as far as possible, lead full and independent lives.

Our tutoring services are not only available to the Early Learning Centre’s students, but are open to any learner between the age of two to sixteen years and is suitable for any learner with specific educational needs. Trainee tutoring packages also available.

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Edu-Play Family Tutor Centre
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