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Edu-Play's customised Tutoring Packages

Our tailored tutoring packages are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of every family.


Edu-Play offers One-one-One Tutoring or Small Social Groups.

Home Programmes

We create custom Home Programmes for families who prefers home schooling.


Edu-Play offers in-person and (soon to launch) online training for parents, care-givers and tutors.

Distance Learning

Our distance learning programmes are ideal for families who do not live close enough for regular visits to the Centre.

One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-One Tutoring provides individualised instruction tailored to a learner’s or trainee’s specific learning needs, offering personalised support and guidance. This focused approach fosters deeper understanding, increased engagement, and accelerated learning.

Small Social Groups

Small social group sessions for learners and trainees offer opportunities for collaborative learning and skill development within a supportive community setting. Through interactive activities and group discussions, participants cultivate interpersonal skills while fostering meaningful connections with peers.

Facilitated Play Sessions

During Saturday play dates, learners engage in activities that promote the development of play skills, interpersonal connections, and communication abilities. These sessions offer a fun and interactive environment where participants can learn and grow together.

Home Programmes

These are personalised educational plans designed for families who opt for homeschooling but seek guidance from our centre to tailor Individualised Education Programs (IEPs) to their needs.


Edu-Play provides both in-person and upcoming online training sessions tailored for parents, caregivers, and tutors, offering comprehensive resources and guidance to support learners effectively.

Distance Learning

Our distance learning programmes cater to families who reside too far from our centre for regular visits, offering remote access to specialised educational resources and support.

Our packages are inclusive, customised and with a direct one-on-one approach.